Why do we need LVV certification?

An all too common question. In a nutshell, the NZ Government requires that all vehicles meet applicable safety requirements. Once a vehicle is modified from it's original state or is scratch-built, there needs to be a method of ensuring continued compliance.

The LVV certification system is necessary because it is not practical to test individual or low‐volume modifications and construction features against the expensive test processes required by the international standards which apply to high‐volume production vehicles.

The purpose of the low volume vehicle certification system, therefore, is to ensure that all modified production vehicles ‐ whether modified for commercial, passenger service, disability, recreational, leisure, sporting, or compliance purposes – and scratch‐built vehicles, have been designed and constructed in such a way that they are safe to be operated on the road, and comply as closely as practicable with the legal safety requirements applicable to high volume production vehicles.

The above is an except taken from the LVV Code. Click to learn more >>


LVV Standards

LVV Standards are developed by LVVTA, and are incorporated by reference in the NZ Land Transport Rules.

Previous versions of all LVV Standards are available on request by email.

An Index of all LVV Standards can be found at the end of this section.

Head Restraints 185-40(02) (2016) download

External Projections 100-30(02) (2016) download

Rear View Mirrors 200-30(01) (2018) download

Braking Systems 35-00(02) (2016) download

Suspension Systems 195-00(02) (2016) download

Frontal Impact 155-30(02) (2016) download

Interior Impact 155-40(02) (2016) download

Door Retention Systems 155-20(03) (2016) download

Engine & Drive-train Conversions 85-40(02) (2016) download

Right-Hand Drive Conversions 190-70(03) (2016) download

Wheels & Tyres 205-00(02) (2016) download

Seatbelt Anchorages 175-00(03) (2016) download

Disability Adaptive Control Systems 45-30(05) (2016) download

Disability Transportation Systems 45-60(02) (2016) download

Seats & Seat Anchorages 185-00(03) (2016) download

Lighting Equipment 125-00 (00) (2005) download

Exhaust Gas Emissions 90-10(03) (2016) download

Exhaust Noise Emissions 90-20(05) (2016) download

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles 75-00(01) (2013) download

Trikes with Motorcycle Controls Formset. NOTE: This document can be used as a guide for trikes and motorcycles until such time as the relevant LVV Standards have been developed. Also see LVV Infosheet

Standards index Vol 2 downloadStandards index Vol 3 download


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LVV Certification Threshold Guide

Not all modifications need LVV Certification. This threshold guide clearly define what does, and what doesn't need LVV Certification. The information contained within the 'modification tables' in the WoF VIRM comes from the LVV Certification Threshold Guide, which is in turn provided with it's information by the 'Exclusions to this standard' sections of each Low Volume Vehicle Standard.

LVV Certification Threshold Guide download

LVV Certification Threshold index download


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NZ Car Construction Manual

The NZ Car Construction Manual is developed by LVVTA, and is incorporated by reference into the LVV Standards, which are in turn incorporated by reference in the NZ Land Transport Rules. It's available from the LVVTA Online Shop where either hard-copy, electronic format or individual downloadable chapters (electronic only) can be purchased.

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If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the NZ Car Construction Manual, please email us here.


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Information Sheets

LVVTA develops and publishes Information Sheets which cover various topics including the latest modification trends or developments, safety related issues, technical information for modifiers, and details relating to changes in LVV processes or documentation. From time to time, where appropriate, the information contained in these Information Sheets will be published within the appropriate LVV Standards.

An Index of all LVVTA Information Sheets can be found at the end of this section.

Info 02-2018 - Modified Production & Scratch-built Low Volume Vehicle Definitions download

Info 01-2018 - Welding process for cast or forged components download

Info 03-2017 - Total Cost Involved (TCI) Independent Front Suspension System Failure download

Info 02-2017 - Introduction of Type-approval System, Re-issue of LVV Code, LVV ORS, & New Forms download

Info 01-2017 - Form-set Use & LVV Certification Plate Processing for LVCM-appointed LVV Certifiers download

Info 09-2016 - Changes to LVVTA Non-destructive Test Request Form download

Info 08-2016 - Re-issue of LVV Code ORS Standards download

Info 07-2016 - Drive-shaft Safety-loop Requirements download

Info 06-2016 - Re-issue of LVV Certification Threshold Schedule (Issue 5) download

Info 05-2016 - LVV Certification Requirements for Under-threshold Items download

Info 04-2016 - Re-issue of 3 Amended Low Volume Vehicle Standards download

Info 03-2016 - Re-issue of Amended LVV Operating Requirements Schedule & LVV Code download

Info 02-2016 - Re-issue of 13 Amended Low Volume Vehicle Standards download

Info 01-2016 - Custom Independent Front & Rear Suspension (IFS/IRS) Approval Application Guide download

Info 02-2015 - Technical Support Team for Unusually Complex Modifications download

Info 01-2015 - LVV Certifiers Plate Processing Guide download

Info 02-2014 - LVVTA Operational Certification Processing Improvements download

Info 01-2014 - Series-production Modification Pre-approval Process download

Info 02-2013 - New ‘Scratch-built’ and ‘Modified Production’ Definitions - SUPERCEEDED - for previous version contact LVVTA. Click here for Info 02-2018 download

Info 01-2013 - Unsafe Aftermarket Steering Columns download

Info 11-2012 - LVVTA Approval Application Guide download

Info 10-2012 - Modified Kia Carnival Safety Inspection Request download

Info 09-2012 - Release of LVV Standard 45-60(00) (Disability Transportation Systems) download

Info 08-2012 - Re-issue of LVV Certification Threshold Schedule download

Info 07-2012 - Child seating download

Info 06-2012 - ‘Magnum’-brand I-beam Axle Safety Warning download

Info 05-2012 - Welded Aftermarket Suspension Struts download

Info 04-2012 - Suspension Camber Angle Guide - NOTE: Some information contained within this document has been superceded - refer to the Suspension Systems LVV Standard for the most up-to-date requirements. download

Info 03-2012 - Motorhome Seats - General Information download

Info 02-2012 - Aftermarket Sport Seats - General Information download

Info 01-2012 - Custom Suspension Arm Inspection Approval download

Info 11-2011 - Release of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle LVV Standard download

Info 10-2011 - Exhaust Gas Emission Standard Revision download

Info 09-2011 Drive-shaft Safety-loop Requirement Clarification - superceded - see new version; Info 07-2016 download

Info 08-2011 - Jaguar IRS download

Info 07-2011 - Objective Noise Testing Information Package download

Info 06-2011 - Incorrectly Registered Low Volume Vehicles download

Info 05-2011 - Rear Suspension Radius Rod Geometry download

Info 04-2011 - Exhaust Noise Information Update download

Info 03-2011 - Review of Electronic Deceleration Meters download

Info 02-2011 - Introduction of Revised LVV Code & LVV Operating Requirements Schedule download

Info 01-2011 - ‘Supreme’‐brand Aftermarket Wheels download

Info 05-2010 - Bump-Steer Swing-Check Procedure download

Info 04-2010 - Bump-Steer Measurement Background Information download

Info 03-2010 - Table-A Vehicle Classes (V2, released August 2010) download

Info 02-2010 - Introduction to Revised and New F000 and F007 Forms download

Info 01-2010 - Introduction to LVV Operating Requirements Schedule (6th Amendment) download

Info 10-2009 - F006 - Certification Plate Pre-ordering Introduction download

Info 09-2009 - Steering Modification on Airbag-Equipped Trikes download

Info 08-2009 - Material composition in modern vehicle structure download

Info 07-2009 - Removal of Side Airbag-equipped Seats download

Info 06-2009 - Converting 4-wheel Drive Vehicles to 2-wheel Drive download

Info 05-2009 - Class-change Situation for MC Vehicles download

Info 04-2009 - Steering Universal Joint Phasing download

Info 03-2009 - Towing A-frames download

Info 02-2009 - Adjustable Spring & Hub-Carrier Suspension Systems download

Info 01-2009 - Tyre Size to Rim Size Compatibility Guide (V3, released December 2016) download

Info 09-2008 - Stretchers and Restraints in PSV's download

Info 08-2008 - I-beam Axles & Split Radius Rods download

Info 07-2008 - Exhaust Gas Emissions Analyser Use download

Info 06-2008 - Three-wheeled Vehicles (Trikes) Withdrawn

Info 05-2008 - Air Cylinder Suspension Systems download

Info 04-2008 - Exhaust Noise Emissions - Amendment to LVV Standard 90-20 download

Info 03-2008 - Exhaust Gas Emissions - Introduction of LVV Standard 90-10 download

Info 02-2008 - Change to Operating Requirements Schedule download

Info 01-2008 - Sub-categories for Scratch-built Low Volume Vehicles download

Info 08-2007 - Re-issue of Amended Operating Requirements Schedule download

Info 07-2007 - Form-set Use for Scratch-built and Extensively Modified Vehicles download

Info 06-2007 - Delegation of LVV Certification Plate Attachment to a Nominated Person download

Info 05-2007 - Release of Amended Exhaust Noise Emissions LVV Standard download

Info 04-2007 - Stainless-steel Braided Brake Hoses download

Info 03-2007 - Stretched Limousines that Exceed the Manufacturers Axle Ratings download

Info 02-2007 - Power Steering Torsion Bar Modification download

Info 01-2007 - Release of Low Volume Vehicle Code Issue 5 download

Info 05-2006 - Exhaust Noise Emissions - Recent Developments download

Info 04-2006 - Exhaust Noise Emissions download

Info 03-2006 - Seats & Seatbelts in Motor-homes download

Info 02-2006 - Track-mounted Seat Attachment Systems download

Info 01-2006 - Seatbelt Anchorage Request forms download

Info 11-2005 - Rear Shelf Speaker Aperture Modifications download

Info 10-2005 - LVV Certification Operations Roles and Responsibilities download

Info 09-2005 - Release of New & Amended LVV Standards and Form-sets download

Info 08-2005 - Rear Seat Removal and Changing Vehicle Class to NA download

Info 07-2005 - Release of New LVV Standard & Form-set & Operating Requirements download

Info 06-2005 - Release of New & Amended LVV Form-sets & Info Sheets download

Info 05-2005 - PSV Roof Racks download

Info 04-2005 - Weed Sprayers download

Info 02-2005 - Nissan Mistral Rear Seatbelt Anchorages download

Info 01-2005 - Security Vehicles download

Info 08-2004 - Release of New & Amended LVV Standards and Form-sets download

Info 07-2004 - Re-issue of FS005 - Airbag Removal/Disabling download

Info 06-2004 - Release of New & Amended LVV Information Sheets download

Info 05-2004 - Upper Suspension Ball Joints in Early Ford Falcons and Fairlanes download

Info 04-2004 - Removal of Dual Controls From Driving School Vehicles download

Info 03-2004 - Nissan Terrano Rear Seatbelt Anchorages download

Info 01-2004 - New Forms & Schedules download

Info 02-2003 - New Forms & Schedules download

Info 01-2003 - New Forms & Schedules download

Info 07-2002 - Door Retention Standard & Survey Sheet download

Info 06-2002 - Engine & Drive-train Conversions download

Info 04-2002 - Reissue of the LVV Code - Issue 3 download

Info 03-2002 - LVV Frontal & Interior Impact Standards download

Info 02-2002 - LVV Seatbelt Anchorage Standard Release download

Info 01-2002 - Certification of Unregistered Vehicles download

Info 04-2001 - Frontal Impact Occupant Protection download

Info 03-2001 - Completion of FS001 & FS002 download

Info 02-2001 - Fixing of an LVV Certification Plate by Another Certifier download

Info 01-2001 - Issue 2 of the LVV Code download

Info 12-2000 - LVV Certification of Vehicles with Additional Seating Positions download

Info 10-2000 - Brake & Suspension LVV Standard Release download

Info 09-2000 - VIN Identifier Discrepancies download

Info 08-2000 - Seatbelt Anchorage Clarification download

Info 05-2000 - RHD Conversions download

Info 01-2000 - Four Standards Issue download

Info 05-1999 - Seat Frame Compliance download

Info 02-1999 - Issue of form-set FS015 - Trikes with Motorcycle Controls download

Infosheet Index - Volume 5 download Infosheet Index - Volume 6 download


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Supplementary Information

Supplementary Information is where a range of miscellaneous documents can be found. These range from older NZHRA 'Tech Bulletins' to LVV Certifier lists, Component Approvals and more.

NOTE: Some of the information provided in the Tech Bulletins is out of date, and may not be in line with the current technical requirements. The latest requirements can be found in the latest version of the NZ Car Construction Manual.

An Index of all Supplementary Information can be found at the end of this section.

NZHRA Tech Bulletin 1 - Electroplating of High Tensile Fasteners download

NZHRA Tech Bulletin 2 - Use of Stainless Steel Fasteners download

NZHRA Tech Bulletin 3 - Scratch-built A-arm Suspensions (SUPERCEDED - also see Infosheet 01-2016) download

NZHRA Tech Bulletin 4 - Certifiers A-arm Independent Front Suspension Guide download

NZHRA Tech Bulletin 5 - Builders Welding Guide download

Chart R1 - Activation Dates for LVV Vehicle Certification download

LVV Component Approval Certificate - Probar download

LVV Component Approval Certificate - Menox Hand Control download Menox Installers List download

LVV Certification Threshold Schedule download

LVV Certifier List, Contact Details & Categories download

Process form - obtaining a duplicate 'Modification Declaration Certificate' download

Limitations of LVV Certifier categories (excerpt from ORS) download

Objective Noise Test-capable LVV Certifiers download

Supplementary Information Index download


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LVVTA Newsletters

From June 2013, all LVVTA Newsletters will be available online.

Click here to be added to our Newsletter mailing list.

LVVTA Newsletter #56 - June-October 2018 download

LVVTA Newsletter #55 - January-May 2018 download

LVVTA Newsletter #54 - July-December 2017 download

LVVTA Newsletter #53 - Jan-June 2017 download

LVVTA Newsletter #52 - May-July 2015 download

LVVTA Newsletter #51 - January-April 2015 download

LVVTA Newsletter #50 - August-December 2014 download

LVVTA Newsletter #49 - January-July 2014 download

LVVTA Newsletter #48 - October-December 2013 download

LVVTA Newsletter #47 - June-September 2013 download


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Operating Requirements Schedule

The LVV Operating Requirements Schedule (ORS) is a document that is intended to act as an operational and procedural specification that sets out how the LVV certification system takes place. The ORS provides the operational and procedural requirements by which the key participants in the LVV certification process carry out their respective roles. The key participants are: the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA), the New Zealand Transport Agency (the Agency), and the Low Volume Vehicle Certifiers (LVV Certifiers).

LVVTA Operating requirements Schedule download

Operating Requirements Schedule Index download


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The Low Volume Vehicle Code (‘the Code’) sets out the legal framework under which the LVV System operates. The Code is a document that has been developed by the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association Inc, with the approval of the New Zealand Transport Agency. It is an umbrella document that sets out the legal framework under which the low volume vehicle certification system in New Zealand operates for all modified and individually‐constructed (scratch‐built) vehicles.

The LVV Code download

LVV Code Index download


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Documents For Consultation

LVVTA is constantly evolving to align itself with changes and developments in both the vehicle modification industries, and the many vehicle hobby groups. As new documents are developed, we will seek input from the relevant sectors of the modification industry, LVV Certifiers, and from the general public. Each document will be available for consultation for a period of time specified. If you wish to provide a submission, please follow all instructions provided.


We are currently consulting on:

LVV Wheels & Tyres Standard (current version)

Submissions received will be summarised and analysed, where appropriate the LVV Standard will be redrafted to take into account the submissions received. If necessary, we will undertake further consultation with key groups before finalising amendments. 

How to Make a Submission
Submissions can be made by either email, or mail:

Click here to email your submission


LVVTA Submissions
PO Box 50-600,
Wellington 5240

Close-off date:

Submissions close on 20 May 2019.


Ordered from oldest (top) to most recent (bottom).

LVV Engine & Drive-train Conversions Standard (current version - 85-40(02)). The consultation period for this document has ended.

Exhaust Noise Emissions Issue 4. The consultation period for this document has ended.

Electric Vehicle Standard. The consultation period for this document has ended.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Standard. The consultation period for this document has ended.

Disability Transportation Systems Standard Draft. The consultation period for this document has ended.

New ‘Scratch-built’, ‘Modified production’, and ‘Re-bodied’ definitions Infosheet. The consultation period for this document has ended.



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WoF Vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM)

The Vehicle inspection requirements manual, or VIRM, specifies the inspection processes and the requirements that vehicles must meet in order to pass a WoF or CoF.

Although predominantly for use by WoF and CoF Inspectors, the VIRM is a simplified version of the NZ Land Transport Rules, and as such there are many legal requirements contained within it that LVV Certifiers and vehicle modifiers can refer to. This link has been provided to enable easy access to this commonly utilised resource.

Click here to go to the 'VIRM' on the NZ Transport Agency website (external link).


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Land Transport Rules

Land Transport Rules are a form of delegated legislation similar to regulations. The NZ Transport Agency produces Rules under an agreement for Rule development services made with the Secretary for Transport.

There are often instances where the core legal requirements are needed, most often where the VIRM is vague, or lacks detail. In this case, the Land Transport Rules provide the legal descriptions and requirements. As with the VIRM link above, this link has been provided to enable easy access to this commonly utilised resource.

Click here to go to the 'Land Transport Rules' on the NZ Transport Agency website (external link).


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