LVVTA Celebrates a Quarter of a Century

Just five months after the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA) processed its 150,000th modified vehicle certification, the organisation has celebrated its 25th Anniversary

The occasion was marked with an event at LVVTA’s headquarters in Porirua, Wellington, on the night of 24 November, and was attended by many current and past LVV certifiers, Government representatives, current and past Technical Advisory Committee members, and other invited guests.

As well as recognising the achievements of the highly-regarded LVV certification system for modified and custom-built vehicles, the night also saw a special celebration honouring long-standing members of LVVTA’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). This voluntary organisation is the backbone of the LVV system and is responsible for providing the technical content of the NZ Car Construction Manual, as well as assessing all vehicle design proposals.

As a token of gratitude towards the TAC, bespoke long service plaques (made from complex custom-designed water-jet cut artwork symbolic of the type of vehicles that the committee was set up to help) were presented to members who’ve volunteered their immense expertise and experience for both ten and 20 years.

20-year award recipients were Graham Walls, John Hinton, Terry Bowden, Chris Litherland and Tony Johnson. Ten-year recipients were John Reid, Alan Smail, Walter Wing, John Ward, Paul Sattler, Geoff Cottle, Kerry Buchanan, Mark Stokes, Justin Hansen and Peter Vahry, some of whom are not far off reaching the 20-year milestone.

During the formalities of the night, attendees heard not only from LVVTA speakers, but an enlightening perspective of what it’s like to build a car with the assistance and support of the TAC and his LVV Certifier Ken McAdam from scratch-built vehicle owner Stewart Collinson. Stewart’s hand-crafted Porsche RS60 replica was on display and had already received plenty of positive accolades, even before he explained just how in-depth the build process was — a tale that was greatly enjoyed by everyone present.

Two new members were inducted into LVVTA’s Wall of Honour, which is LVVTA’s way of recognising special people who have made a significant contribution to the LVVTA and the LVV certification system in some way. The Honourees for 2017 were Jim McDonald from the New Zealand Transport Agency and Graeme Banks from the Sports Car Club of New Zealand.

As an exciting interlude during the night’s proceedings, the 2500hp dragster of Whanganui’s Grant Rivers was fired up, giving the evening’s guests – many of whom have never previously been exposed to such sights and sounds - an experience they’ll not forget in a hurry!

LVVTA CEO Tony Johnson paid special tribute to the LVVTA staff members for their passion, commitment, and resilience, and amongst the long-serving staff members, Linda Washington was recognised for her 20 years of service to LVVTA by LVVTA President Steve Keys.

Brian Sara from the New Zealand Transport Agency wrapped up the evening with an interesting perspective on the special and unique relationship that exists between LVVTA and the Agency, and spoke positively about the future of the LVVTA and the LVV certification system in New Zealand.
For more information on LVVTA or the Technical Advisory Committee click here.